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Does Premature Ejaculation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is when a man ejaculates before him or his partner are sexually fulfilled. When a man has ongoing incidences of PE, the resulting performance anxiety and sustained mental pressure can affect his ability to gain an erection (ED). This usually takes a period of several years to occur, but can be almost immediate in some men.

The time frame of the onset of PE related ED can depend on whether or not the man has had a lifetime problem with PE, or if his problem has more recently occurred. Erectile dysfunction (weak erection problems) often have many contributing factors, one of which can be caused by frequent thoughts of unwanted episodes of premature ejaculation.


Imagine for a moment, a man who has had premature ejaculation problems his whole life. Imagine the detrimental effect it has on his ability to relate with confidence in a relationship?

A man’s self esteem is deeply tied to his ability to provide and to fulfill his partner’s needs. Not only affecting a man’s ability to confidently engage in a relationship, the base instinct of needing to be fulfilled as a human being can be devastatingly compromised with these problems.

These sexual problems are common among men, statistics from the Mayo Clinic indicate that one in three men suffer from these problems. These are the reported statistics, so the incidence of these problems is likely to be higher.

Men with sexual problems have reported these frequent thoughts: feeling inadequate as a man, feeling disappointed in their lack of ability to fulfil themselves and their partner, thinking something is inherently wrong with them, feeling like they are failing as a human being. These are all common thoughts experienced by men with these problems - and these men are frequently thinking these thoughts, during sex - as well as trying not to think about losing erection hardness or ejaculating early!


Losing concentration and having random thoughts during sex is the fastest way to lose your erection and/or lose control.

Of course, it’s always important to consult with a medical doctor to ensure there are no underlying medical issues involved. Some medications can cause weak erection problems. I don’t recommend using desensitizing creams on your penis to treat a premature ejaculation problem because these can actually cause, or contribute to erection hardness issues.


Now that I’ve painted that picture for you, can you see why premature ejaculation can cause erectile dysfunction? When a man has developed PE later in life, again, the ongoing worry and concern about his ability to perform is what frequently causes the ED problem to develop.


As you may understand from reading this article, sexual problems most often occur when a man becomes distracted during sex. You need to understand the role your brain has in eliminating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction so you can stay hard and in control of the sexual act.

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